Inaugural BSA e-Conference 2017

The UK’s largest virtual Audiology Conference featuring over 20 of the world’s top speakers on all areas of Audiology

Access all talks from 1 – 8 December 2017

No need to travel. Join us from the comfort of your own computer!

Global Brilliancy: A fantastic opportunity to learn from leaders in Audiology across the globe!

The Programme:
A complete programme, with speaker abstracts, will be uploaded to the BSA e-Conference webpage once available

  • How to become a Research Master: Sophie Newton
  • It’s not all about the cure! Manohar Bance
  • Generating research ideas in the clinical real world: David Baguley
  • The voice of a CI: Quality matches by single-sided deaf listeners fit with a CI:Michael Dorman
  • Cochlear implantation versus the CROS hearing aid for single-sided deafness in adults: Padraig Kitterick
  • Head Impulse, Nystagmus, Test of Skew (HINTS) in acute vertigo patients: Dan Gold
  • New Tools for Person Centred Care in Tinnitus: Cherilee Rutherford
  • Developing and using online 12-16 week support programs for clients with persistent dizziness/tinnitus: Joey Remenyi
  • Action on Hearing Loss as Part of Action on Dementia: Kathy Pichora-Fuller
  • New Directions in CAPD Assessment: Current NAL Research: Sharon Cameron
  • The evolving concept of (C)APD: Wayne Wilson
  • Audiology in the developing world: Using the EARS Inc. framework of S.T.O.R.E to determine whether an imperfect something better than nothing: Peter Bartlett
  • Hyperacusis: What you don’t know can hurt you (or your patient):  Bryan Pollard
  • Bare Essentials of Audiologic Management for Patients with Tinnitus: James Henry
  • Do good hearing rehabilitation outcomes come from good clients, good clinicians, or good devices? Harvey Dillon
  • Three is not a Crowd: Family-Centred Hearing Care: Louise Hickson
  • Clinical procedure to identify hidden hearing loss in humans: Jason Sanchez
  • Technology advances transforming the future of Audiology: Christine Yoshinaga Itano
  • Paediatric Audiology: Creating a context for brain development: Carol Flexer
  • Plus sessions from:  Adriana Zekveld, Sophia Kramer and Harvey Dillon

How does it work?

  • You can register from now, up until the 7th December.  Please note that there is a cheaper rate for those who register before the 30th September
  • On the 1st December, until midnight on the 8th December, all those who have registered will have unlimited access to over 20 pre-recorded sessions from some of the world’s top speakers
  • The talks will be available 24 hours a day,  so you can fit them in round your working week
  • There isn’t a limit to the number of times you can log in and listen to the sessions