An ENT physician and researcher, Professor Hung Thai-Van is heading at Lyon University Hospital, France, the department of Audiology & Otoneurological evaluation.
He received a PhD in cognitive sciences in 2002, then obtained the Marie Curie fellowship from the European community and worked as a post-doctoral fellow from 2004 to 2006 at NIH-NIDCD (Bethesda, MD, USA).
He is currently leading the multidisciplinary tinnitus clinics in Lyon and has created a specialized audiological unit for children with central auditory processing disorders (APD).
In 2014, his diagnostic platform has been given the label “reference center for hearing and balance control in children” by the Rhône-Alpes region health agency.
As a research team leader in the Paris Hearing Institute (Institut de l’Audition, Centre de l’Institut Pasteur, Inserm U1120), he is supervising doctoral and post-doctoral research on the relation between sensory perception and neurophysiology of ascending and descending auditory pathways and has authored more than 60 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 110 abstracts or posters, 12 scientific books.
A newly elected president of the French Society of Audiology, Professor Thai-Van is also the French national secretary for the International Bureau of Audiophonology (BIAP) and also one of the French representatives at EFAS and ISA.
He is responsible for a joint training program between the universities of Paris, Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand, targeting physicians, hearing aid practitioners, and physiotherapists.

Edilene BOÉCHAT, PhD

Doctor of Sciences – School of Medicine of São Paulo USP
Assistant Professor – 
Faculty of Health and Human Sciences of the Catholic University of São Paulo PUCSP
General Secretary of BIAP Brasil (Bureau Internacional d´Audiophonologie)
Clinical Audiologist – Director of NELAC (Audiology and Speech Therapy Center – SP)
(2012 – 2018) Board Director of the ISA (International Society of Audiology)
(2013 – 2015) President of the Brazilian Academy of Audiology

Monica Jubran Chapchap

Master’s in Human Communication Disorders at the Paulista School of Medicine (UNIFESP)
(1990-2013) President of Brazilian Association of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening (GATANU)
Board Director of IERASG (International Evoked Response Audiometry Study Group)
Member of BIAP (Bureau Internacional d´Audiophonologie)
Clinical audiologist of Electrophysiology Center of Hospital Siro Libanês and Instituto Paulista de Otorrinolaringologia
Coordinator of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Programs at public and private hospitals (3000 births/month) in São Paulo, Brazil

Peter Böttcher

Peter Böttcher worked as project manager for the implementation of a quality-assured universal newborn hearing screening in Hesse, Germany, on the behalf of Ministry of Social Affairs.
These results were to a large extent decisive for the nationwide introduction of a mandatory NHS in Germany.
He was founder of the Alliance of German Hearing Screening Centers.
He exerts as consultant with the introduction of quality assured newborn hearing screening in various countries and works at PATH MEDICAL, Germany. Peter Böttcher is a member of the WHO Stakeholders Group on Prevention of Deafness and Hearing Loss.


Dr Eugen Ionescu MD is Senior Consultant in the Department of Audiology and Neurotology of Edouard Herriot University Hospital, Lyon France.
Board-certified ENT surgeon, he has spent 3 years as fellow in Neurotology and skull base surgery at the Pierre Wertheimer Neurological Hospital from Lyon.
At that time, he was appointed Assistant Professor in Neuroanatomy at Lyon Claude Bernard University of Medicine.
Having over 20 years of experience in diagnosing and treating patients presenting vertigo, dizziness, or unbalance, Dr. Ionescu is in charge of the Vestibular Assessment Platform and Deputy Chief in the Department of Audiology Neurotology of CHU Lyon.